Q9: Is this certification acknowledged across the world?  
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A: Yes, it is an internationally recognized certification program.
  Q10: What is the exam format?  
A: The Foundation Level exam is a 60-minute multiple choice, closed-book exam. The 40 questions making up the exam are designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the entire Foundation syllabus. A grade of 65% must be attained in order to pass.
  Q11: What is the exam based on?  
A: The exam is based on the ISTQB Software Testing Syllabus which can be downloaded at: www.estb.org.eg/Syllabi.asp
  Q12: Are the exams always the same?  
  A: No. The questions come from a pool of questions and are being combined differently such that the exam itself changes constantly while the level of difficulty remains comparable.  
  Q13: What percentage do I need to answer correctly to achieve a pass?  
  A: You need to score 65% or better to pass (i.e. 26 questions out of 40)  
  Q14: Do the questions relate to the glossary as well as the syllabus, or do I only need to learn the syllabus?  
A: Questions relate to the syllabus but you will need to learn the glossary as well.
  Q15: Is attendance at the courses mandatory before taking the exam?  
  A: No. but the courses can be taken to prepare for the exam  
  Q16: Is there any validity period for this certification?  
  A: The ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level certificate is valid for life. The ISTQB® Certified Tester-Advanced Level certificate is valid for 3 years.  
  Q17: What abbreviation could I put on my CV?  
  A: You can use "CTFL" for "Certified Tester Foundation Level" and "CTAL" for "Certified Tester Advanced Level".  
  Q18: Is there any study material for this exam?  
  A: The ESTB does not supply study material for examinations. Please see the resources page for syllabus: www.estb.org.eg/Syllabi.asp.  
  Q19: Can I take the exam online?  
  A: Online exams are not yet available in Egypt. Exams are held only at the premises of the Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) located at Smart Village, Building (B121) - Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Egypt  
  Q20: How can I become an accredited training provider?  
  A: Please visit: www.estb.org.eg/Training_Providers_Info.asp